Environmental policy

Zanzi’s customers excel thanks to their demanding product quality standards, as well as for the attention towards product processes that guarantee continued environmental safeguard and pollution prevention.

For these reasons, starting in early 2000s, Zanzi established an environmental management system compliant to UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 requirements.

The environment management system project was audited for certification on 29-30/01/2004 and it was finally certified by the Italian TUV on 08.04.2004 N. 50 100 4150. The system has enabled Zanzi to improve its protection of the environment at its production site, efficiently showing its compliance with regulations and laws.

In a special way, environmental and quality strenghts of our Environmental Management System are:

– in house production to fully control water and energy consumption, and improve any possible recycling
– soil and underground pollution causes prevention, restricting and isolating potentially dangerous products
– promotion of environment knowledge and awareness between personnel, co-operators and suppliers
– reduction of drinking water consumption
– assessment and monitoring of noise inside and outside the factory
– assessment and monitoring of air emissions